Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flickr and the steps I chose

I've looked around Flickr and it's quite impressive. Such a myriad of sights. Some of the pictures are so good you can actually smell the flowers or hear the ocean. Some evoke an emotion an "Ah moment" at the beach or the fuzzy feeling from seeing a family of ducks just following each other.

The picture I chose is at It's stairs in snow. At first glance, it may depress. But the stairs show me I can go somewhere. Then there is the hint of sun - hopefulness. This is why I chose the picture. I'm still continuing on my journey and I like to try to remain hopeful even in the midst of some not-so-nice conditions sometimes.

Some of the stuff about the API was a little over my head as a "newbie" to all this talk. But I get the basic idea.

Flickr really is a cool spot to look and see just about anything.

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