Thursday, May 7, 2009

Final thoughts on Technology Tapas

WOW I'M DONE! I didn't think I'd make it through. Especially when I started. I was overwhelmed and often frustrated. I'm still overwhelmed. There's just so much information out there and so many ways to get it. In some ways it's scary, but who says you have to do it all NOW? It's good to know I can do it and by bits - just like the title Technology Tapas - little bits. I have to thank Bob and Andrea, they made this fairly easy and it is good exposure to the stuff. It was good to try to do the 7 1/2 habits that we learned about in one of the first lessons. I actually fulfilled what I had written in my contract.

I don't think I'll use RSS feeds or even any kind of personal wiki, but I like knowing what they are and a little about how they work. I never thought I'd use Delicious - but I'm rethinking that. I had a class with a graphic designer who gave us information on his Delicious account. The first thing I thought (because I'd had the lesson on bookmarking and tagging) was that I could "stalk" him and get all his bookmarks about graphics and design. YEA!

I like the centrality of information on things like YouTube and Flickr. Even seeing all the podcasts made me think of how I could apply lifelong learning through listening to different podcasts.

Guess this does it for me. I liked learning about the different things. I'm still investigating open source stuff and I've already started using Google docs consistently for lessons and stuff I do.

For anyone who is reading this wondering if they'll ever finish. Keep on keeping on. You'll do it.
Signing out.

Podcasts - so many choices, so little time

After visiting the two podcast directories, I found a mystery thriller podcast I like. It does the old radio broadcasts of a mystery theater. While my parents cut their teeth on these while they grew up, I had my first sampling of them when I lived in Japan. I had no TV and often longed to hear English, so I fiddled with the radio I had. I found that a nearby Air Force base was doing the old time radio programs like mystery theater, the Lone Ranger, Burns and Allen and Fibber McGee and Molly. It was neat having that connection to all the shows I'd heard my parents say they grew up on. I even recorded some of them and sent them the tapes asking if the shows sounded familiar. I added this RSS to my feeds in bloglines.

I found some of the library stuff on the podcasts interesting as well. I saw that Juneau Public Library had a special author visit and work with middle school kids and the Library Staff to make a performance of "The Stinky Princess." Another College library had used their podcasts for technology tips and for things like what to do in case of weather emergencies.

I also looked into some of the educational podcasts. I listened to most of one podcast on teaching Japanese. I started another on the basics of design.

Podcasts present themselves as a useful tool. It looks like there are lots of ways they could be put to good use.

You Tube and the Crazy Worms

You tube is always interesting. It can also be helpful. At Christmas I was supposed to sing a song in our Church Cantata entitled, "Who Could Imagine a King." Well, I didn't have any piano to practice to see what it sounded like. I was going to head to church to plunk out the melody on the piano there and then I thought - "I wonder if You Tube has anything." So I went on You Tube and put in the name of the song. There it was - Whitney Houston singing the song. I listened a few times to really get the melody and then did my own rendition. Whitney Houston I'm not, but everyone said I did well.
All of these sites like You Tube and Flickr are overwhelming with all the information they hold. I'm still not sure of the best way to search for things on the sites. Libraries might be able to use You tube for informational videos or tutorials. If there is something there, they could link to the instruction or do their own and put it up and link to it that way.

I like the video called Crazy Worms. It just made me smile. It's well synced with the music. Hope, if you're looking at this, it makes you smile too.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flickr and the steps I chose

I've looked around Flickr and it's quite impressive. Such a myriad of sights. Some of the pictures are so good you can actually smell the flowers or hear the ocean. Some evoke an emotion an "Ah moment" at the beach or the fuzzy feeling from seeing a family of ducks just following each other.

The picture I chose is at It's stairs in snow. At first glance, it may depress. But the stairs show me I can go somewhere. Then there is the hint of sun - hopefulness. This is why I chose the picture. I'm still continuing on my journey and I like to try to remain hopeful even in the midst of some not-so-nice conditions sometimes.

Some of the stuff about the API was a little over my head as a "newbie" to all this talk. But I get the basic idea.

Flickr really is a cool spot to look and see just about anything.

Monday, May 4, 2009

wikis and favorites

It was good to see the uses for business and for education for wikis. I like the usability of it and wikis - at least these PB wikis - seem to be user friendly.

I also enjoyed looking at the favorites. It's a dark, dank day today and looking at the favorites made me smile and gave me a little sunshine. It was a good exercise that I enjoyed.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wiki uses

So I looked at the wikis. All of them seem to have some value point. I liked all the information on the one about the ALA Annual Conference. I liked the tips for travel information and the orientation page.

Even though many can contribute, I still think it's a lot to stay on top of. It is good you can write without having to know html or some type of code, but somehow you have to stay on top of who is making the comments. It's good you can name who can actually write or edit the wiki to have these types of controls.

Of course I know we're using the wiki for policies, etc. on the Intranet. I think that will be a good use. Now comes the problem - You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Some people will not open the Intranet to view the policies. However, we can't let that thwart the progress we can make. Each person chooses his or her own way. So on with the wiki publishing and may it go well for all!

What hairstyle fits you? Using

OK, so I didn't ready everything. I re-read and saw I was supposed to go on the Web 2.0 awards site. Took a couple of minutes to use the site. I like that you can do a picture and then add or take away weight. - If only it were that easy to lose weight. Most women like to full around with what they might look like with a particular hairstyle, so this was just a fun thing to do.